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Name: Sarah James

Place of Birth: Canada

Location: McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.

I hold an MA in Cultural Studies  and Critical Theory from McMaster University, as well as a BA Double Major with Honors in Communication and Arts Administration, and a college certificate in Music Production. Academically, I have a particular interest in new media, digital copyright, fan studies, political economy, critical theory and gender studies. My current research explores how conceptualizing the internet as a space of cultural communication rather than cultural consumption problematizes our current approaches to digital copyright legislations. I work regularly as a contributor to Wipomonitor. org, which follows the World Intellectual Property Organization, and recently began contributing  to Global Memo.org which follows elections at the UN.

My greatest adventure, so far, was a two week trip to China with the International Scholar Laureate Program in 2011. And my favorite work experience was interning as a member of the 2012 JUNO Awards Host Committee. My greatest accomplishment (asides from surviving my BA and now MA) was writing a 111 page novel for a school project when I was 16. I will  be moving to Japan in February for a year, to teach ESL.


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